A Platform FOR Creative Content, by Those Who Have Worked in It

Finally, someone is addressing the needs of a growing freelance workforce

A Platform FOR Creative Content, by Those Who Have Worked in It

I started working as a freelance writer about four years ago when I revisited my passion for written word. Still in college at the time, working retail job after retail job, I wanted to begin my life in a field I cared about. In the course of my college career I changed my major several times trying to chase money. Though, in my heart, I knew the truth. I am a writer. 

There's my identity. It's not as complicated to admit it as you might think.  What comes next is the difficult part: understanding your realistic income potential as a writer.

That means you have to hustle more than an NFL running back. You have to vet your own clients. You don't get healthcare. You don't have job security, and securing your financial resources is all on you. I bounced around from freelancing site, to job board, to cold pitches. That's how I crafted my reputation. That’s how I made my clients long-term partners. However, that took time. Time that I could've been using on working. Time better spent away from content mills. 

Enter YAYWORLD. This may sound like a sales pitch for a platform I just joined, and it is. Why? This collection of sites, this conglomerate for content, is your new best friend. YAYWORLD prides itself on giving a voice to content creators. That's the selling point. You should know already why that's important. Content mills, while great for budding freelancers, are essentially shark tanks where you're the chum and potential clients are the apex predators. 

Sound dramatic? Yeah, it probably is. It needs to be. You really need to understand what it means to exist on a platform that provides you with the safety of being outside the tank. You chum the waters. You attract the clients. 

Take a look at some of the features that make this magic happen: 

  • Quality, short-pitch style profile that verifies your identity, building trust between you and businesses you hope to represent.
  • Links to your social media that enable time-saving post management, such as multi-post. This allows your posts here to instantly drop on other platforms, cutting your work in half. 
  • Exposure to content creation exposed to over 400+ websites. Talk about a big tank. 
  • A trusted name that acts as your literary manager, protecting your partnerships with clients and ensuring you get paid. Any experienced freelancer will tell you how important this is. 
  • It's free. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Build your name here newbies. Get out of that tank. 

By no means am I saying that this will be easy for you. Freelance content creation is a tough industry and sometimes that means being cutthroat when you otherwise wouldn't. What I am saying is that in 2016, almost a third of the workforce admitted to being involved in some sort of freelancing opportunity. Over the next 5-10 years, the Department of Labor expects that figure to rise to 50% of all workers. Of course, that's across all industries. 

Still, if you want to make a name for yourself in your respective discipline or niche, you need to jump on this bandwagon right now, invite your network, and chum those waters. 

It's a brand new YAYWORLD. 


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