How to Attract Female Candidates in a Tough Recruiting Environment

Make easy changes to your recruitment strategy and hire top talent.

How to Attract Female Candidates in a Tough Recruiting Environment

The unemployment rate in the United States is low at 3.7 percent as of September 2018. Although good for the economy, hiring managers and recruiters are scrambling for talent.

There is never a better time than now to recruit female candidates. The current Me Too movement has women more aware of their need to be in senior leadership roles. A gender diverse company shows stakeholders, customer, and clients that you are progressive. A company worth investing in.

Build a talent pipeline so when a shortage comes you have potential candidates to poach. Yet, if you are in a recruitment bind, re-evaluate these four key factors to make your company more attractive to job prospects.


If you don’t already have one, get a Glassdoor account. When a job-seeker views a job description, the next step is researching the company. A negative profile on Glassdoor can have a profound impact on whether a candidate will apply or not. Collaborate with your marketing department to ensure you profile is up-to-date and well-maintained. 


Advertise your company as a diverse place to work. In the job description, state that your company respects diversity. Female candidates will apply when they know their employers respect and value them.

Also, update your career board on your website. Women are more motivated when the organization commits to a social cause. This can even be your company's commitment to employee satisfaction. This includes offering attractive benefits package, wellness and training programs, flexible work programs, etc.


Offer flexible work schedules such as part-time, telecommuting, temporary employment, and variable hours. Especially during childbearing years, women need flexibility in their workday. Unexpected events will occur. Offering flexible work schedules will make retaining female talent easier. This will impact the bottom line in a positive way. 

Generous benefits packages with maternity and parental leave will also attract female candidates. Women care about their health and work-life balance. The more benefits offered the better. A strong benefits package could also off-set a less competitive salary. 


Retaining your female talent is number one. Once you get them in the door, you will want to keep them. Mentorship programs can support female talent to move up into senior level roles. Consider an internal recruitment program for entry-level staff to move up into mid-management.  If you can, offer wellness programs that support health and fitness. Sick employees impact the bottom line, but healthy staff contribute to it.   

Women may be less competitive than their male counterparts. But, they still want to advance in their roles. Training and development programs will encourage career advancement. Stagnant employees are less productive. 

Don’t worry too much about them leaving the organization. Women are great connectors. A positive word of mouth from a former employee to a potential candidate is gold to your company.

Changes to your company’s brand image, benefits packages, and training programs will go a long way in attracting female talent. 

The longer a position stays open, the more money your company is losing in productivity. Be brave and make the necessary alterations to make your company attractive. Then, the talent will come.

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