Maine's Natural Beauty: No Noise, More Joys

I went on a family vacation to Maine in 2015. It gave me some perspective.

Maine's Natural Beauty: No Noise, More Joys

You're probably looking at the featured image and thinking, "What is that? Where's the mountain?" Well, the phenomenon you're seeing is called a fjord. The dictionary defines a fjord as, "a long, narrow arm of the sea bordered by steep cliffs: usually formed by glacial erosion." If you've ever traveled to Norway, Iceland, Greenland or Scotland you might have encountered this natural event. 

In 2015, I was on a family vacation in Somes Sound, Maine, located on Mount Desert Island and surrounded by small villages. We were told Somes Sound was the only place on the East Coast to experience this event. Upon further research years later, I discovered that description was downgraded because the topography and oxygen deprived sediments that played a role in forming fjords were lacking. Despite this change, I'm glad to have witnessed such a natural occurrence. 

Lobster boat.
Boats galore!

Unbeknownst to me, this would be one of many thoughts I would consider as I found myself unplugging from the Internet and ultimately, city life.  Our Wi-Fi was spotty those entire two weeks and natural scenery was plentiful. Maybe it was being away from the city for a change and breathing fresh air. Perhaps it was our front porch giving us a spectacular view of the mountains and lake nearby. 

Our view from the porch.

Maine got me thinking, a lot, about nature and what's crucial in life. Hiking trials throughout Acadia National Park, watching lobster boats out on the water and taking photos of beautiful flowers at Asticou Azalea Garden in Northeast Harbor brought me closer to nature. I began to further appreciate the beauty the state of Maine had to offer. I found myself taking nature photos again after a long hiatus and slowing down without worrying, or caring, about social media and what was going on online. I even found myself scribbling notes in a notebook for my first novel. Fifteen pages worth written in the car, my room, outside on the porch. From the moment we walked in the cottage, I felt inspiration everywhere. I'm not sure what influenced this burst of creativity, but it was a welcome change. 

Butterflies enjoying the flowers at Asticou Azalea Garden, Northeast Harbor
Walking Bridge in Somesville
Nature Scene

If you ever get a chance to visit Maine, whether it'd be on the coast, the cities of Portland and Bangor or the capital Augusta, take a moment to experience the beauty around you. Slow down for a time and put down the phone, computer and tablet. Shut the television off. Go on the trails. Close your eyes and listen to the wildlife. Go on a boat if you have the chance!

We all need to take a break, so why not travel to a beautiful place like Maine to find that peace?

Enjoy yourself and happy travels.