Road Trip Essentials

A list of all the things you need on your next road trip!

Road Trip Essentials
Ahhh.... road trips! Who doesn't love one?! Throughout my Husband and I's relationship, we've been on countless road trips, short, long, and even a 39 hour one (across the country to move to Texas!)  I would definitely say we could probably be professional-road trippers by now. Every couple should take a road trip, it seriously is such an amazing experience two people can share. If your road trip is long enough, it will give you two ample time to reflect, discuss goals, dreams, ect. I love road trips because Dustin and I can just freely talk, without any real distraction except driving of course... Taking a trip with just about anyone allows time for bonding, and reflection - which is what I love most. Whether you're going on a hour trip, or 39 hour trip, be sure to check out my 30 Items To Bring On Your Next Road Trip list!
30 Items to bring on your next road trip
Map + Directions
Phone charger
A sheet mask (hello, beauty treatment!)
Mad Libs
Audio Books
A killer road trip soundtrack
Healthy snacks
Travel Itinerary
Comfy clothes
Jumper cables
First Aid Kit
Wet wipes + Hand sanitizer
Mints + gum
Extra Clothing
Change for tolls
Comfy sweatshirt
Hair ties
Tent + Pillows
Dry shampoo
Travel Toiletries
Refreshing facial mist
Have you been on any road trips lately?

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