Did I unintentionally or "semi intentionally" manipulate my friend?

Dining out with girlfriends. A GNO, if you will.

Did I unintentionally or "semi intentionally" manipulate my friend?

I had to get her to see my way. She clearly didn't look into options. She just chose one with the best reviews. Typical. Why am I the only one who's conscious of pricing? So what if I'm unemployed and don't want to admit it to my girlfriends. I should be allowed to just keep things to myself. Anyways, I called her after looking at the menu:  

"If I get the $12 salad, and the $13 soup maybe I can say, oh I had big lunch... or I'm not that hungry " or maybe I should just indulge.

I've been doing great on my diet and while I haven't lost any weight or inches, I deserve to live a little. But... I can't afford to spend $80 on a meal just for me. That's insane. If I do that, I can't shop or go to a coffee shop for the rest of the week.

Actually... I'll just call her, ask her what she's wearing a slyly slide in the menu and see if she noticed the prices. Granted I know she didn't. She's not the type. Shes the kind of person who chooses something because of the reviews, not the price. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but, I digress. Let me call her. 

"Hey girl,"
"Hey, hang on one sec. I'm walking into the house"
"Okay. So you're definitely coming tonight right? I know money is tight but I want you to come hang out and laugh and just enjoy. "
"Yes, I'm coming. What are you wearing though? 
"I think we're all wearing dresses. You should wear one too". 
"Well, what kinda place is this? Did you look at the menu? 

I of course know she hasn't but I have to plant the seed. 

"No, I haven't. But it's a steakhouse. Like a nice place. So wear a dress! 
"Oh, nice. Um let me look up the place and see the menu".
"Okay yeah. I think it'll be good." 

I already had the menu on my phone. I just wanted to act like I was searching for it. 

"Um.. okay let see. Oh wow.. this is expensive. This place is nice. The cheapest thing is $38. 
"Oh, really? What are the other prices? 
"Let's see $56, $47"
"Oh my gosh.. really? Wait I didn't know it was that much! 

Yeah. I know.

"Wait so, is there another place we can go to? I don't wanna pay that much for dinner."

Well maybe if you had looked at the menu we wouldn't be here, but I digress again.  

"Sure, let me see. Theres a ton of options in the area. But are you sure you want to switch to a new place so late? We only have 2 hours till the reservation." 

This is the sly part. Need to make sure I don't ruin her plans. 

"Yeah, I didn't realize it was so expensive. Can we book another place? 

"Sure, I'll find somewhere with a good drink list and reasonable prices. 

"Yes! Okay awesome. Thank you. Actually I'll go ahead and book something now. I'll send you the info in the group chat. 

"Sounds good see you soon. Also, I'm prob gonna dress down since we're not going to a fine dining place."

"No wear a dress, come on it'll be fun"
"Umm... I'm gonna dress down. Okay bye see you soon." 


Thank God. There was no way I was paying 80$ for dinner. 

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