Our Quirky Cats: The Joy of Watching the Curious Feline

Why are we obsessed with cat videos and their antics?

Our Quirky Cats: The Joy of Watching the Curious Feline

There is something fluffy, silly, and strange becoming quite popular in our Internet age: the cat video. If you’re an avid cat lover like myself, you’ve probably spent some time looking at Instagram accounts dedicated to cats and their adventures, or laughing out loud at viral cat videos on YouTube. Cats have quirky personalities: from their addiction to catnip and displaying dog-like behaviors to their often hilarious attempts to squeeze into even the smallest of boxes.

Growing up, I was obsessed with cats from having a book talking about various cat breeds and taking care of them to having my own kitty, a domestic longhair named Iniki, during my teenager years. In my 20s, cat videos kept stress levels down and gave me something to laugh about when I had a bad day. Hearing the squeaks of baby kittens, watching cats fostered by Beth Stern grow up and go to their forever families, and learning more about cats with disabilities who deserve a loving home and thrive despite difficult odds help me remember the little things in life.

You can lose count trying to number the many antics you see in a cat video, or from the entertainment of your very own. These can include but not limited to:

  • Choosing the box over fancy cat toys
  • Running all over the place late at night while sleeping during the day
  • Teaching cats tricks like how to fetch and ring a bell for treats
  • Cats loving water and snow (see viral cats including Maru and Nathan the beach cat in Australia)
  • Kittens learning how to walk, eat, and play with their owner or others
  • Meowing loudly for treats, at birds, or for attention
  • Waking you up very early to be fed (Iniki used to do this to my parents for treats)
                                                    Image: JacLou (pixnio.com)

I don’t think cats are the only quirky animals out there, though. By doing a simple Google search, you’d find social media accounts and videos for dogs, rabbits, birds, and more.  Our animal companions and favorite Internet sensations brighten our lives every day just by being themselves. They deserve love just like we do.

                                                             Image: Sarah Buckley (Flickr.com)

The next time you watch a video or adopt an animal, remember to be thankful for their love and companionship, how they make you feel good, and a unique personality that makes you laugh.

As for cats, keep on entertaining us humans, and maybe taking over the world. 


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