Bullying At School

Bullying At School

According to National Center For Education Statistics, 1 out of every 5 students faced bullying at some point of their lives, let alone all those students who never came out just because of the fear of being judged. Bullying at schools is a serious issue to be looked upon as many children lose all their self esteem and confidence just because some other students want to have fun.

In 2018, schools in Japan reported 544 thousand cases of bullying among the students and those too were identified through surveys.

People are bullied in different ways; some being hurt physically while others being verbally. Actually, bullying is of three types which are; direct bullying, indirect and cyber bullying.

In direct bullying, the bully not only hurts the other person verbally but also physically. Let’s say in a school, a group of students starts teasing some other student, asking him for his lunch or money or maybe physically assaulting him along with abusing him and making his fun. Now this will be direct bullying but if the same group comes and teases the student verbally, abuses him, makes fun of him but does not hurt him physically, this will be indirect bullying. The third type is the one which has become a trend in the last decade or so and is now one of the main ways of bullying, that is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying involves leaking someone’s personal stuff on the internet without his consent or making his embarrassing situations viral.

A study examined cyber bullying and it came out that 36.5% of students have ever been victim to cyber bullying in USA.

 Causes Of Bullying                                      

Now some questions arise in our minds, why do people bully others? Why do people let others bully them? Is there even a solution to it? When it was asked to the students, why in their opinion were they being bullied, their response was very much expected. They were bullied because of differences in race, religion, cast, colour, what and what not. Those very rich did not accept the poor and vice versa. Those belonging to one cast bullied others. Some were mocked for their appearance, some were teased for their way of speaking, some were too thin, others were too fat. Some had hobbies which could not be accepted by the bullies and some had other issues. In short, bullies had to find a reason to bully others, they will bully anyone they want and make him feel less of himself.

A study in UK was conducted, to get to know the reasons that victims felt they were targeted for bullying. 59% students felt they were bullied for their appearance, while 46% were targeted for their hobbies and interests.

The main reason why people bully others is because they themselves have low self-esteem, they know, they cannot achieve anything on their own so they start messing up with others. They are afraid of their own failures to this extent that they cannot see others succeeding. They do not bully others because they think of them as less human, they do that to hide their own failures.

Another reason for people to bully is that they think that they are above others. They do not have emotions and morals to feel the pain of others and they just want to enjoy by hurting others. These are those students who try to look cool and easy going in front of others. They have a desire in them to be perceived as brave and want to be famous in the whole campus, no matter what.

But there also is another group of bullies, these students are not bully by nature, but no one accepts them due to some reasons. They try to be friends with others in the start, but they are rejected from everywhere because of their appearance or financial status or what so ever. This rude behaviour of others towards them make them insensitive and they then start teasing and bullying others.

Effects Of Bullying

Bullying affects the students in many ways. They become so much disturbed that their grades start to fall. The same student who was getting straight As, now finds it hard to even pass the subject. He has so much going on in his mind that he is unable to focus on studies.

An experiment in UK was conducted to see the effects of bullying, the most common result was depression and anxiety with 45 and 41 percent of respondents stating so respectively. 33 percent of respondents were followed by suicidal thoughts due to bullying.

The students become mentally disturbed, they become depressed, have lack of sleep and anxiety attacks. Bullying affects them so much that they cannot come out of its depression for months and years. They start losing confidence and feel about themselves as useless. They lose all the confidence they once had and they try to avoid people because they think everyone will judge them. Some students even give up on their lives and others become introverts, while some also come back to their normal lives.

Another effect of bullying is that it affects the health of students, the poor students take so much stress of all these bullies that their immune system is compromised. They feel weak and lethargic all the time, they do not feel active the way they used to be, they become ill more often now and all this happens because of a few students who bully others.

How To Address This Issue

Parents and teachers can help students a lot in this regard, as they are the adults to which the students look upto . They should constantly look for the warning signs and if they feel anyone is being bullied, they should console him. Parents should not have communication gap with their children so that their children can share anything and everything with them. They should constantly ask their children about their routine and college activities and try to be in touch with them as much as possible.

They should encourage the students and try to rebuild their confidence, as they are the only one who can do that. They should motivate the victims and tell them that it is not their fault, and they are not less than anyone. They should encourage them in taking parts in different activities to boost their confidence.

The victims should be realized that they are not alone, their friends, family, teachers should help them and try to bring them back to normal life.

Another important thing that must be done on behalf of the school administration is that strict rules against bullying should be made. Heavy fines or expulsion from college should be the punishment if anyone gets caught bullying someone. In this way, it can be controlled a lot.

With punishment comes reward, so the administration should set reward for positive behaviour. Good friendly relationships should be encouraged. And in this way slowly and gradually, by making rules and regulations, creating a friendly environment, one day bullying culture might come to an end.


So, in my opinion bullying is a serious issue and it needs to be dealt seriously and professionally. The students who bully others can also be guided nicely not to do so and the barrier between bullies and victims could be eliminated. Also let your child not be the one who bullies others, so in the coming years the number of bullies should decrease spontaneously.


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