4 Truths to Remember When Depression Infiltrates Your Day

Remember these 4 truths when depression makes it hard to get through a day

4 Truths to Remember When Depression Infiltrates Your Day

Depression quite literally sucks the energy out of my body. Lying in bed seems like the only plausible option day after day. There's grace for when you're also in this place. It's a real feeling, when getting a shower or getting off of the couch feels impossible. If you're in this place, here are some truths to remember:

1. This is NOT your fault. At all! 

You did not choose for the depression to hit you so hard today. You didn't ask for this. (And if by chance you think you did ask for this, stop right there. You don't have that much power!) Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, and people don't choose to have this much consistent pain. 

2. You deserve to treat yourself today (and also everyday)

If you're struggling, give yourself extra love today. Do something kind like stretching your body. You can simply flex and release your muscles even while lying down. Or you could think one positive thought towards yourself, just as a reminder to the depression that your self-compassion still exists, even if it's a little hidden today. Do something kind for yourself, whatever that means for you. 

For me, being kind to myself on the extra hard days feels impossible. All I want to do is sleep, and keep sleeping off the emotions that plague my mind.

I try to get dressed, even if I don't have anywhere to go.
I try to leave the house if that feels at all possible.
I try to do some art, because that's one thing that rejuvenates me even when depression has taken over.

Find what makes you come alive, and try to do that. And remember, there's SO much grace when the depression is too heavy. 

3. People care
The third truth to remember is that people care. This is SO hard when the depression is taking over the mind, but please write it on your mirror or on your hand in permanent ink if you must! Please remember that you matter, and that people care. Reach out to a therapist or friend. You deserve the help and support. 

4. Nothing stays the same
Emotions come and go. I'm not going to sit here behind my keyboard and tell you that your depression will go away because I simply don't know that. But I do know that despite my own mental illnesses, I still have fluidity in my moods and emotions. Even when I'm depressed, there is still an up and down in parts of each day. Sometimes I can see the fluctuation in my energy levels, and sometimes in my facial expressions. The simple fact is that emotions change, and by knowing that, I know that your current mindset won't last forever. 

If these four truths help you get through the day, then my job is done. I'm writing this for me as much as I'm writing this for you. Get through today, and the next days that come. You and I both matter, and our depression can't take that from us. At least not today. 


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