How to Make Money Creating Content?

How do content creators make money and subvert the “starving artist” stereotype?

How to Make Money Creating Content?

If you’re a creative, you love creating content, whether that's writing, creating videos, recording music or uploading photos. It's fun and easy sharing content, but how does it pay the rent and put food on the table? How do you make money creating content? 


Sad Content Creator

There's actually a market for the content you're creating.

Brands and businesses are under increasing pressure to provide quality content on their websites and elsewhere. They know they need a strong online presence to promote themselves and their products to attract new customers. But how do they find the time when they need to focus on running a business?

The problem is business owners are too busy dealing with administrative responsibilities to spend time on issues like making a video or writing an article.  That’s where you come in.

If you love taking amazing photos, making engaging videos or writing great articles, then you can make money providing your writing and creative skills to these companies.

Business owners often don't have time for creative projects like this.

So how do businesses find you?

The demand for your content exists, but how do businesses find you? The first step is to showcase your talents and share your content. 

These days it’s easy to do that with blogging platforms like Wordpress and Medium. But these platforms are only for sharing content - they don't offer content creators an online payment system or the option of earning money for creating content.

What's the solution?

YAYWORLD helps you market yourself online so that businesses can find you. Unlike Medium or Wordpress, YAYWORLD enables you to coordinate directly with businesses. When you publish on YAYWORLD, your work is posted on one of 480 sites corresponding to locations across the globe, and you can share your content directly to your social media channels, raising your value as a writer. 

Businesses that like your work can send you an invite to write promotional content, or you can request a business to sponsor your post. You can use the platform to negotiate rates and establish deadlines. YAYWORLD verifies businesses and ensures that you're paid as soon as your content is published. 

You don’t have to be a starving artist. Every business needs creative services. Be there to fill the need.

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