Why a love for classic romance films keeps me single

Love these days just isn't like the movies. So much for having expectations...

Why a love for classic romance films keeps me single

Sounds crazy right? To have an affinity for gushy love stories but keeping everyone you meet at arm’s length. The bottom line is: the kind of affection and actions you see on screen, don’t follow us around in the real world. And as a millennial, chivalry is way scarcer these days.

Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers because of the feud between their families, not because Romeo was married or taken.

The idea of forbidden love  heightens the romance. There’s a passion that exists when there’s desperation to be together. Today, I feel like too many people chase the sensation of forbidden romance by sleeping with a taken man; something I’m not willing to do. How could anyone find happiness at the expense of someone else’s soul? If you’ve ever been cheated on, as most of us have, unfortunately, that feeling kills you. Inflicting that on someone else is not thrilling, and surely not romance. If the thrill of secrecy is what we’re chasing, let’s make it the Barney Stinson & Robin Scherbatsky fling that they were hiding from the rest of their friends (HIMYM reference).

Paul Varjack told Holly Golightly he loved her, he didn’t just keep texting her and liking her Instagram pictures until she took the hint.

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the famous scene where Paul admits he loves Holly during her frantic meltdown was one of my favorites of all time. That he clearly liked her, although she hardly had her life together, and he still chased her every which way, was pure vulnerability and perseverance. I just want that, honestly.

Christine Daae was not seeking attention, yet 2 men fought for her.

I HATE this idea of playing "survival of the fittest." These shallow interests take so much away from a good romance because it overlooks who we are under the surface. The Phantom of The Opera fell in love with Christine’s voice and her gentle nature, and Raul had a childhood history with her. Between the two of them, not once was her beauty a factor in the forefront. Of course, she was beautiful, but it was about so much more than that.

Jack and Rose fell in love in a matter of days, they didn’t hesitate on how they felt.

Another real-life frustrating factor today, is how long other people take to make up their mind. Jack and Rose were inseparable on the Titanic. In a matter of days, they had fallen in love, and knew they wanted to live their life together (which they could have if Rose just scooted over a few inches on that door). I feel that today, nobody embraces “love at first sight.” It’s hard for us to let down walls and be honest about showing how we feel. Some couples don’t even “make it official” for a few months.

Westley never gave up on Buttercup, even when things seemed hopeless.

If you loved once, where did it go? I feel like too many people are quick to quit. I, personally, feel like plenty of people came and went in my life before I even had the chance to show them who I really was. In The Princess Bride, Westley is separated from Buttercup for years, and spends his days searching for her. Meanwhile, she never forgets about him. Where is that today? We all are way to quick to move on and give up, then the romance that could’ve once grew stronger, is gone.

Rick lets Ilsa go, even though he loves her, to protect her.

Why is everyone hanging onto so much damage? Have you ever had an ex text you the, “you up?” at 2am? I find that to be one of the hardest blows. If you cared for me at all, you’d leave me alone to heal. Although, it’s not the same situation in Casablanca when Rick lets Ilsa go, as to not risk her safety being with him, it is a selfless act of compassion. When that is what's best for the other person, LET THEM GO.

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