9 Vital Tips For Hair Care During The Summer

How to take care of your hair in summer

9 Vital Tips For Hair Care During The Summer

Summer is here with us. A season that is known to send most people into the carefree mode. It a season you don't have to keep folding your hair into a knot and wrap it in a hat to prevent shrinkage from the cold or rain. However, little known to the majority of people, similarly to how too much sun exposure damages the skin, so does it affect your hair. Let us look into a few tips that should save your hair from looking lifeless and limp in the summer.Avoid over-

Don't Overwash

Hot days and sweat go hand in hand. However, washing your hair every three hours to eliminate the build-up of grease isn't going to do you any favors. Frequent washing of hair will strip off necessary oils from your hair. It could leave your hair from looking dry and weak. Consider shampooing your hair at least every two days with dry shampoo. You may also fix the greasy issue by dabbing cotton soaked in witch hazel to absorb excess oil.

Use lightweight hair oils

The hot weather is likely to frustrate you with all the sweat and massive oil generation on your scalp. Instead of using heavyweight or regular oils for the scalp, consider shopping for lighter oils. It ensures that your hair gains nourishment while your scalp feels less oily.

Love the conditioner

Harsh UV rays from excess sun exposure tend to leave your hair dull, broken, and dry. Applying conditioner to the hair goes a long way in protecting your hair from adverse effects on UV ray exposure. Ensure that you use some leave-in conditioner whenever you are out for a swim to restore some life and moisture.

Protective tips while swimming

Unknown to people, diving into the pool or ocean without preparing hair may strip off its life. Chlorine and harsh salts from the sea and pools can incredibly dry the hair harshly and sometimes deprive color-treated hair off its hue. Before taking a swim, take a few minutes to wet your hair with clean and freshwater or apply some enriching hair oil. Cover with a swimming cap if possible. Once you are done swimming, wash your hair with a shampoo with ethylene tetra-acetic acid to remove traces of hair-weakening salt and chlorine.

Avoid heat-styling

Your hair is already receiving a lot of heat in the summer. You don't have to put it under more heat and pressure from styling your hair strands using hot tools. Rather than subjecting your hair to blow-dry or flat-iron regularly, save the hot tools for occasions. Learn to wear hairstyles that embrace your hair's natural texture.

Trim the hair

Hair tips tend to suffer immensely during the hot days due to sun exposure. You are likely to notice broken ends and chipping hair tips during the summer. Split hair tips could prevent your hair from growing and also spoil its aesthetic touch. If you are looking to get a new haircut, the summer season is the perfect time for the makeover. Should you want to maintain your normal hair length, go for a hair trim that should improve the tips' health, and help it regain its life.

Shield your hair from UV ray's exposure

You are probably wearing sunscreen on your skin to prevent sunburns and other irritable effects. Your hair needs protection too from the sun. You may want to cover your hair with a scarf as the most natural remedy. If not, be sure to shop for a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen as part of the ingredient list. You may also invest in hair products rich in SPF content to guard your hair against UV rays.

Wear loose hairstyles

Tight hairstyles strain hair strands causing them to pull and tear. In itself, a tight hairstyle causes enough damage to the hair. It's even worse during the summer when your hair suffers from the drying effect, making the damage worse. Loose hair prevents too much hair and scalp exposure to the sun.

Stay hydrated

Your hair is also nourished from how you take care of your body. Taking enough fluids helps keep your hair healthy and full of life, giving it enough protection against the sun. Include more fruits in your diet during the summer.

There you have it! Do not let the sun damage your hair with all these handy summer hair care tips.   


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