3 ways to feel happier now!

Feeling down? Just looking for a little pick-me-up? These tips will help.

3 ways to feel happier now!

Life can be tough. That’s true for the happiest of people, and you may sometimes find that you are feeling blue even when things are going great in your life. Because so many people go through so many unhappy days, I decided to share some of my tips for feeling better as quickly as possible. If you find yourself stuck in a funk or just going through a particularly stressful day, the following three things should help you feel better – and fast!

1. Drink Water!

Water can be a great stress reliever!

It may sound strange, but drinking a tall glass of water really helps me to clear my thoughts and relax. If I am especially thirsty - which is a state I usually find myself in at the same time that I am experiencing a low mood - a glass of water can work wonders not only for my emotional state, but also for my clarity and motivation to get things done. Grab a glass, add some ice and pour in the cold water – then see the difference that some H2O can make in the blink of an eye.

2. Strike a (Yoga) Pose

Try a yoga pose or two to boost your mood.

Even if you don’t absolutely love yoga like I do, taking a moment to learn and practice even one quick pose can have some amazing mood boosting benefits. Some quick ones that even the most reluctant of beginners should try include Tree Pose, Child’s Pose and, my personal favorite, Sun Salutation. You can look up any of these poses quickly online, and I have found that even practicing one for a moment or so calms my body and my mind – all while making my body feel amazing!

3. Get Organized

Organization can work wonders for your happiness and stress relief.

One of the quickest ways that I have found to help improve my mood and beat stress is to organize my surroundings. Even if you think you are already a completely organized person, there’s usually a desk, drawer or closet somewhere that is in need of at least a little tidying up. I have found that even something as simple as organizing a few books or taking inventory of my office supplies can make me feel instantly calmer and more relaxed – and I get the bonus of having a neater space!

I hope these tips help you to feel better either today or at another point in the future where you want to improve your mood or handle stress in a healthy manner. One, two or even all three of these tips may be just what you need to have a better day!

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