Affirmations not working? Read this.

If your affirmations don't seem to be working, you may need to change your approach.

Affirmations not working? Read this.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you are already aware of the numerous benefits offered by positive thinking and positive affirmation. You are likely also frustrated because you have been trying to bring good things into your life for a while, and just haven't been finding the results you were hoping for. You aren't alone; many well-meaning people like you are trying each day to benefit their minds, bodies, and souls by affirming the positive, only to be left scratching their heads and wondering what they've been doing wrong.

If this sounds like you, and you want to figure out how to better implement the Law of Attraction into your daily life, read on for three simple ways you can improve your affirmations and possibly even see changes starting as early as today.

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1. Change Your Wording

For some, affirmations that are too positive just don't work. Whether the problem is that your mind resists the messages, you are sending it, or the wording of your intentions is not natural for you, a shift in your way of thinking or writing can work wonders and even provide an instant mood boost in some cases. Consider the following affirmation:

"I am happy now."

This statement sounds good on the surface. But something is off, isn't it? If you just went through a break-up with your significant other, it is highly unlikely that this sentence is going to ring true for you on either a logical or spiritual level, and your mind is probably going to resist it. Consider the following intention instead:

"Happiness is coming to me now."

This sentence sounds so comforting and promising that it is hard not to get an instant mood boost from reading it or thinking about it even once. Your mind is also less likely to resist this affirmation because it takes your current mental state into account and does not imply instant results. By rewording your affirmation so you aren't forcing your brain into an immediate happy state, you can actually do just that.

2. Be Reasonable

Sometimes, affirmations are only as good as their subjects allow them to be. If you are stuck in a job at a flawed company you hate that is sucking your energy and draining your spirit, affirming "I am completely happy at my current workplace" may not cut it. Not only are the problems there bigger than you can reasonably handle on your own; you are also right back to telling yourself things that you are going to resist on a conscious and unconscious level. Trust your gut before affirming anything. If there are systematic issues in your company that you cannot likely overcome on your own, it may be more worth your time to affirm "The right job comes my way when I take measures to find it" than to expect the Law of Attraction to work like magic thinking and bring drastic changes to a workplace, relationship or other life stressors that is a sinking ship.

3. Think About Others

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Being selfish is never a good idea, is it? But many affirmations focus on the self rather than considering the needs of others. Take the affirmation in tip number two above. "The right job comes my way when I take measures to find it" is a pretty straightforward and nearly fool-proof affirmation. However, the focus is completely on the affirmer. What if the right job for you is one that harms others in some way? While the whole idea behind focusing on your positive intentions is to improve your own life, it is still a good idea to be considerate of the effects that your life has on others. The work affirmation can be re-written as follows:

"The right job for me comes my way when I take measures to find it, for good only."

Of course, you will want to re-word such an affirmation so that it is a comfortable saying for you and your personal truth, but keeping the needs of others in mind can do nothing but good things when planning your positive affirmations. You may even want to take things a step further and include something about your work or your other life changes benefitting humanity as a whole.

Now that you have an idea of where you may be going wrong, try implementing one, two, or all three of these changes in your daily affirmation routine. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, sometimes even a small tweak to your thinking can bring big changes to your life and your well-being.


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