Andropause: Does the Male Menopause Exist?

This very informative health article is all about the existence of male menopause.

Andropause: Does the Male Menopause Exist?

It is a common knowledge that menopause occurs in women, when they have reached the age of 40 and above. But, did you know that this hormonal related issue happens to the opposite sex as well? This is medically referred to as andropause. The said inevitable medical dilemma is caused by a gradual decrease of the male hormone, testosterone. Scientifically, this hormone fosters secondary characteristics as change in voice, formation of muscle mass and other significant changes in the genetic patterns of males. Based on statistical data, almost 30% of men experience andropause symptoms in their golden years or at the age of 50. This informative article will further explore all you need to know about andropause. Read on.

What Causes Andropause?

Based on medical studies, another primary cause of andropause is the problem with another hormone which is being recognized as a sex hormone binding globulin or SHBG. Its main function is it has the inherent capability to tag the so-called usable testosterone from your blood and then surging itself. Afterwards, it coagulates with some of the other similar hormones which are freely circulating in our blood.

On the contrary, the hormones which do not conglomerate with an SHBG hormone is simply qualified as bioavailable testosterone. It is something that can be utilized by the body at any given time. Males who are experiencing the common symptoms of andropause possess lower levels of bioavailable testosterone. If  this medical issue transpires, it could trigger the onset of physical and cognitive modifications in men such as mood swings among others. Also, the evident signs and symptoms are different from one individual to another for some reason. Some of the other noticeable indications of andropause are as follows:

  • Low sexual drive
  • Erection difficulties
  • Decrease in energy
  • Diminishing strength of muscle mass
  • Depressive states
  • Appearance of body fats in increased amounts
  • Hot flashes similar to women

Experts say that andropause have complications as well. Among these are heart diseases and osteoporosis.


Andropause can be diagnosed effectively through a medical consultation. A doctor will ask a patient with respect to the manifestations of the aforementioned signs and symptoms to determine  if these would match with the significant indicators of lower testosterone levels. Most importantly, a blood  test will be administered to check the levels of testosterone in your blood. However, doctors will not conclude that a patient has andropause without subjecting him to a series of tests because there are other health problems that can be linked to andropause like hypogonadism which causes sexual growth retardation and its progression. Doctors  have revealed that the alarming signs and symptoms of male menopause are normal occurrences due to aging; thereby, making irreversible after any prescribed mode of treatment.

How Should Andropause be Treated?

A major hormonal replacement must be performed as soon as possible. It might foster a good feeling of being relieved from the disturbing symptoms of andropause.  Lifestyle must be rectified by including exercise in your daily regimen. Try to decrease your stresses and always follow the dictum of a good and healthy meal plan based on a specially designed meal plan. Your friendly medical  practitioner will make the final decision with respect to the best mode of treatment to decrease any risk  that might arise in the process.

Testosterone increase can be easily done through the utilization of skin patches, gels and capsules to name a few. Injections are also  recommended. Your doctor will come up with the most affordable and best suited treatment for andropause if you  will  have a strong conviction to have a change of lifestyle that will make healthier and at ease with andropause no matter how it makes its way to lessen your zest and happiness each day.

Andropause does exist. What matters most, is developing a unique mechanism on how to deal with it the best that you can.


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