How to Appreciate the High School Days | A Learning Experience

It left my mind in circles but I did learn a bit.

How to Appreciate the High School Days | A Learning Experience

Let's be honest, high school definitely wasn't the highlight of your life so far. And if your still in it, I'll spill a secret for you: life gets much better after graduating, by like mountains. I mean, when there, I wrote poems to enter the classrooms to visit friends under the excuse "I need to show that teacher my poem draft." Lame? I know.

But fast forward, life post high school is a pinch me because I must be dreaming kind of happiness. Especially having just returned from Europe...again!

Regardless, there were tons of great memories and people that impacted my young, naive high school soul. Naturally, it got me thinking about those #goldendays and here's a few things I'm still grateful for. 

The sports teams. Super shy, I feared try outs. I just remember thinking I'm all alone. However, once putting myself out there, I realized I was surrounded by others with similar interests & personalities. Here, I learned those are the friendships that'll last throughout anything. The sports teams were really great for bonding, finding my "niche," and learning to be a team player. 

The "groups." Hipsters, nerds, cheerleaders, athletes, theater... you know them all. My high school was no different. This taught me how to get along & relate to people that differed from me in personality and hobbies. And that I don't want to "belong" to just one group; therefore, I was known as the floater. A.K.A the one who bounced around multiple lunch tables. #FriendsEverywhere

The friends. Heading into college,  I heard the phrase "freshmen, and even sophomore, year friendships won't last." With this, I was nervous as to how any of my HS friendships would make it. As college experiences unfolded-the good, the bad, and the unbelievable-I knew there were some HS friends  I'd always rely on. For laughter, comfort, and everything in between. And for that, I'm thankful to my HS years. And to those still in my life. 

Teachers that don't give up. Freshmen year nearly failing Algebra was not a proud moment. My teacher was relentless, always expressing different ways to approach a problem. Naturally, my 14 year self just said this is dumb, when am I ever gonna actually use this. But his attitude eventually fueled me to do better. Now, no matter how behind I am in anything, I'll never stop trying. #cantstopwontstop

Teachers that relate to you. An english professor. The kind that nurtures and helps widen your imagination. And for a creative writer, there was nothing better.  Whatever your favorite subject was, there was always an inspiring teacher that made you fall in love with specific studies. 

Out-of-class Opportunities. There was a club for everything & anything imaginable. And the options were overwhelming & exciting. It was so easy to explore more of things you loved or discover something new.  Odd to think about 6+ years later, but 2 identifiers to describe "Angela" are based on what I discovered during & volunteering. 

Walking down the graduation isle in HS, I never felt so relieved to end a chapter in my life.  However, I also never expressed enough gratitude for how high school shaped who I am. And the people I met there, whose impact still echoes quite loudly in my life.

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