Peace for the Mind | How to close the door on Anger

Anger grows fast but not as quick as these techniques to let go of it.

Peace for the Mind | How to close the door on Anger

Truthfully, there were times where I nearly felt rage building inside of me. But I'd keep my mouth shut. Whether at the bottom of condescending chatter,  misplaced anger by others, unfair treatment, or something else, it had power. Had begun influencing my writing and tainting my relationships. 

I needed to get rid of it. And when I began realizing anger ran through me because I had let it, I had then given myself a power to release it.  Here's how: 

The powerless enemy

However "enemy" is defined to you, it is what it is because of the power you see it having. Cliche to say? I know. There's probably tons of health sites that may tell you something similar. Nonetheless, hear me out. Here's a technique that may help. If the cause of grief is a person for you, then imagine that person as a toddler and then as an elder. In both situations, you'll see the person as having less power over you & your emotions. 


It doesn't have to be the typical legs crossed, humming kind of meditation. It can be anything to relax your mind and to help focus on your breathing. For me, it's walking alone blasting music through my headphones, freeing feelings of being trapped. This may not be the best option for you, however, it's one I would try. If it doesn't seem to work at first, be patient, it may just be that you haven't yet discovered your way of meditating.  

Mind-Body-Soul Connection

I'm a firm believer in this, essentially what I refer to when speaking of "self-care." To me, these three are all intertwined, with a heavy impact on our emotions. When not taken care of, it can affect the way we see ourselves which lets negativity and an inclination toward anger enter into our lives. I know, when life gets busy, it's hard setting aside time to make sure we consume healthy foods, exercise, and to make that ones' faith/spirituality, if there, is a positive force. But when done, it make all the difference. 


Take a few minutes to reflect, to understand why you're angry. I've noticed that in all the times I've been a confidant to others, most of the time, when a person is angry, he or she doesn't really even know why. It's hard to release anger when your not sure why you feel it. 

Removing toxicity

Knowing when nothing will change. Until you remove yourself from a situation that's unhealthy. This may be the toughest, because in situations where it feels nice a little bit of the time, it's hard to walk away. I know; I used to have misplaced hostility and negative feelings because some situations with friends and faith were becoming largely toxic. And when knowing it'd be best to walk away, that original hostility I had had simmered away. 

I wanted to share this because it helps me hold on to more positivity and thought it could do the same for others. I can't promise these ways will help you, but if they do, I'm glad. 

Cheers to the good moments in life. 

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