Pulling the plug and giving social media a break in my personal life

Social media is addicting for all of us. A recent experience had me thinking...

Pulling the plug and giving social media a break in my personal life

Something strange happened earlier this month. After attending two concerts, I suddenly got sick and was stuck in bed all weekend. I later found out I caught the flu. Resting for a week, I couldn't touch my books because they would have to be wiped down due to germs. My only comforts were my tablet and phone.

I have since improved (and been reading my books!). But, I've realized something.

I Need a Break from Social Media

I was tired of looking at social media and the Internet on my phone and tablet. The likes, retweets, comments, and trends got tiresome. Reading numerous news articles and checking emails made me really question why I kept checking so much.

I know many of us are on social media one way or the other: some on one platform, others many. You might have seen me on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I use these mostly for writing connections, following a favorite artist or two, and making connections with new people. These had benefits through promoting my blog, my opportunity to review books with Hallmark Publishing, enhancing my social media skills, and more. 

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What I Lost with Social Media

However, after I got sick, I wanted a break. The phone and tablet may have kept me occupied while recovering...but that shouldn't have been my main source of distraction. Understandably, it gets lonely when you're stuck in your house while sick and you want to talk to someone. Yet, the things I loved like books - particularly ebooks and audiobooks - and music should have helped me more.

Checking now and then is okay, but if you find yourself looking almost non-stop, it should become a concern.  We've worried so much about missing out on things people say online that we forgot about what truly matters. For me, that was books, music, and writing. 

Remembering the Pros and Cons

This isn't meant to be a rant on the ills of social media and what they've done to society. In actuality, it's a realization that I needed to unplug more and give the technology a break, especially for my own peace of mind. I don't argue the fact that social media has opened up ways for many to connect around the world. But there should be nothing wrong with taking a break once in a while. Our mind becoming influenced by complete strangers and sometimes friends and family online should not be happening. 

Please consider taking a break, whether for 15 minutes, an hour, or an entire day. Your mind will thank you. 

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