3 Simple Steps to Prepare for a Trip Without Forgetting anything

Here's a quick go to guide to prepare yourself for a journey without leaving any important thing for the trip behind

3 Simple Steps to Prepare for a Trip Without Forgetting anything

Imagine being stressed for weeks or months as the case may be then you get an offer to step out of your zone and move to a new environment. It could be for a few days or a few weeks. And you finally made it to your destination only to realize that you've forgotten your favourite dress or that suit you just bought over the weekend.

Ughs!!! It sucks right?

Yes, I believe this has happened to a lot of people out there. Well, I'm here to give you pointers on how you can prepare yourself adequately for a trip without forgetting anything.

This is how...

Step one

Get a pen and paper or a notebook. Hold on, I know this sounds crazy but it's very helpful. Write down a list of everything you'll possibly need while you're away. It's important you do this at least 3 days before your trip. 

This is an example of a packed box with accessories and clothes

There are necessary items you must include in this list such as 

  • toiletries
  • your travel papers
  • some cash, you wouldn't want to get stranded would you?
  • clothes - based on weather conditions of where you're going
  • accessories like phone charger, earpiece etc.
  • a host of many items you would need for this trip

Due to the fact that there is enough time for you to plan your trip, within the span of three days you can always remember everything you'll need during the trip.

The time frame here will allow you make and cancel items you would or would not need.

You don't need to rush over the list, take as much time as possible to write down what you'll need. If you're using a notebook, make sure you save it after typing. If you're using a pen and paper, make sure you place it in a place your eyes can easily go to.

Step two

Go about your normal business. You're traveling, be it for pleasure, business, family meeting or an event, just relax and do your thing. You don't have to pause your life because you're traveling so try as much as possible to not be so worked up.

Step three

Arrange all items in your travelling bag. To smoothly get this done, if you're using one box for your movement and you maybe don't feel like carrying a briefcase or an extra bag, start with arranging your files or papers in the box if you're going with any.

Next is how you arrange your clothes, do this in an orderly fashion. First, fold them then go ahead to arrange it like sardine i.e placing one right beside the other.

Put your toiletries and other items that you'll need in order making sure that you don't forget a single thing. The purpose of the listing in step one is to act as a guide for your packing.

Note: Try not to overload your box. You shouldn't step out for a journey looking all shades of bloated with a big box and everything all huge around you.

On the other hand, if you're in a situation where you just suddenly have to travel with not enough time to prepare, there's no need to worry.

You just go ahead and get the few things you'll need. Try not to be in a rush or panic so as not to forget a single thing. If possible, take a little in between quick air and get everything in order.

No matter how tight your planning schedule is before traveling, do not forget your toiletries, appropriate clothing for the weather and some cash.

Now you're set to begin your journey. Have a wonderful trip!


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