Best Picnic Spots Near Aspire

Looking for picnic ideas near CSUN? Here are incredible places near CSUN to add to your bucket list.

Best Picnic Spots Near Aspire

Residents of Aspire Apartments in Northridge are spoilt for choice when deciding enjoyable outdoor experience especially in summer. The apartments are located directly across the California State University - Northridge, which allows university workers and students to easily access the school, and also find beautiful places to blow off steam when free.

 The list of best picnic spots includes parks that offer plenty of shade as well as those with lots of privacy so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about being seen by others.  If you are into hiking, you will also enjoy well-maintained trails, or just sit by an exceptional duck pond, and watch the magnificent California sunsets.  

Regardless of your ideal picnic, you will always find an exciting spot near Aspire Apartments near Aspire. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Chill-out in the CSUN Orange Grove and Pond 

The California State University's Orange Grove and Pond in Northridge is ideal for unwinding as you enjoy a homemade meal or one of the Northridge's special doughnuts. The grove is home to many tree species that will provide shade for your picnic while also providing shelter from pesky insects! It features both a pond that opens all year round for fishing (and even ice skating!), as well as two ponds with water animals available only during summer months during their breeding season.

The CSUN Duck Pond was established and run by California State University, Northridge, in 1972; it was originally intended just for research purposes but became popular among students who would bring their ducks there on weekends. Now we have all these adorable little ducklings running around the pond. 

 Residents of our modern apartments in Northridge enjoy watching the CSUN's ducks, whose soft white and black feathers add to the tranquility of the picnic. Additionally, you might see turtles (mostly of the Red-eared slider variety), Koi Fish, and Mosquitofish if you're lucky.

Picnic under the shady OAK trees in Aliso Creek

It is common to find residents of Northridge apartments enjoying a picnic in the calming environment of Aliso Creek. The inviting oak trees, well-maintained pathways, and ample parking space, and a well-marked trail are some of the attractive features you will enjoy while picnicking at this calming tributary of the Upper Los Angeles River.

What is even more, Aliso Creek has a beautiful horse waterer, and if you're lucky, you will catch a few animals quenching their thirst from the charming fountains.  

Picnic under the oak trees

Hike the beautiful trails in O'Melveny Park

O'Melveny Park is the second-largest park in Los Angeles and is only twelve minutes from Aspire Apartments. If you love hiking, then O'Melveny Park will provide the ultimate picnic site for you. Hikers living in our Northridge apartments love the park in Granada Hills because it is less populated and has a relaxed environment. O'Melveny Park is ideal for residents looking to reflect as they conquer the O'Melveny Park trails.

These modern apartments near CSUN offer more

Students picnic

These picnic ideas near our Northridge, CA apartments are a few examples of how many choices you have when you want an ultimate getaway. Other picnic ideas for residents of Aspire apartments near CSUN include a lake, gardens, and even more trails.  

Are you looking for an apartment near CSUN, and would you like to live in a community that enjoys a quiet space near the best dining and entertainment spots near CSUN? Aspire's Northridge Apartments has modern 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom spaces with high-end finishes. 

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