Enjoy the "Tranquility" Experience at a Hair Salon for Everyone

Owned and operated by Black women, Tranquility provides all men and women A-1 Service

Enjoy the "Tranquility" Experience at a Hair Salon for Everyone

When you meet Arllyn, owner and proprietor of Tranquility Barber and Beauty Studio, the first thing you’ll notice is how down-to-earth and laid back she is. She’s smooth and you can tell that her co-workers and fellow technicians love and respect her. Her clients (me included) love chatting with her as we get our hair done. But don’t mistake her laid back demeanor. She is ‘bout it! If you dread wasting hours away in a hair salon to get your hair done, you will be so pleased with Arllyn.

The woman gets you in and out without skimping or cutting corners on quality. She is just fast and doesn’t overbook so that she’s got clients stacked up all day. She’s tech savvy, but she doesn’t have a website. You’ll even notice that her Facebook page gives little info beyond her phone number because that is the best way to reach her – not call, text.

All Styles

She works on word-of-mouth and that alone has kept her business afloat through the pandemic. She provides a safe space because she cares about her clients. And she doesn’t need much paid advertising because her work speaks for itself. Still, a little free publicity for my favorite hair stylist doesn’t hurt either!  

Arllyn - lashes, working, work

I met Arllyn years ago when she worked in the same barber studio as my ex-brother-in-law. My sister’s lupus had created a rash on her head that made it look like she had a receding hairline. Perms were out – no more chemicals the doctors said. She started going to Arllyn Reynolds.

Men, Women, Boys, and Girls are Welcome

Not only did Arllyn use the right professional products to help my sister transition from permed to natural hair but she restored her hair and then some, making it thick, long, full, and beautiful. My niece has never had a perm because Arllyn was her hairstylist from the jump and she too has thick, beautiful, versatile, natural hair.


Before she started Tranquility, Arllyn was working at a barber studio with some of her homeboys. The shop started losing business because she and the owner were basically the only ones really bringing in the clients; everyone else was basically there hanging out and chopping it up. Arllyn ventured out on her own. The old shop ended up failing but she has managed to keep flying for the last decade on her own – plus with a little help from other true professionals she hired for her new salon.


Her goal was to build a fun, relaxed, environment while also keeping the highest professional standards, and she has done just that. The shop is clean and well decorated. Each room is comfy and private. On top of all of that, the team at Tranquility Barber and Beauty Studio does it all! What do you want; A curly natural? A blow-out? A perm? Twists? A fro? Bring it! For white people, black people, and everyone in between, the woman has skills.


Jee Jee Does the Nails and Lashes

In addition to the hair and barber chairs, the Onyx Spot or Style Seat is partnered under the Tranquility umbrella. Jennifer “Jee Jee” Jeffrey is the nail tech extraordinaire but she also does pedicures, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair color. Personally, I’ve never had my nails done by Jee Jee but every time I am there, she has clients coming in, back-to-back-to-back.

Pandemic Safe Nail Service

I found out that Jee Jee has been doing nails for more than a dozen years. Originally from Cleveland, Jee Jee calls herself a “natural girl.” You can have nails installed but in the same way that Arllyn is a wizard at bringing out the beauty in your natural hair, Jee Jee does the same with your natural nails. And she can do amazingly creative custom designs!

Enjoy the Tranquility!

Tranquility is located on the north side of Columbus on the corner of Karl Road and 161 – in the building behind the Rally’s (5917 Karl Rd, Columbus, OH 432339). You can reach the shop directly at (614) 547-7466 or email the crew at tranquilitybarbernbeauty@gmail.com. The thing about getting in touch with Arllyn is that she gives the client in her chair her full attention. She’s not constantly on the phone or doing other things while you are waiting.


Because of that, leave a message! She does not hang on her phone all day checking messages or returning calls. She waits until the end of her work day and then goes through all of the voicemails and texts she received while she was working and then gets right back to you. She will get right back with you either that night or the next day, so don’t bug out if you don’t get an immediate response! You can also message her on Facebook but again, be patient while she does what all of us want in a hairdresser – focus on the business at hand. Arllyn has been doing just that for close to two decades now and it shows!

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