Best Fall Nail Polish Trends

The Colors You Need to be Wearing This Season

Best Fall Nail Polish Trends

In search of the perfect polish to complement your fall wardrobe? Check out these trends to complete your look this season.

1. Look to Nature

Bright red apples. Burnt orange leaves. Golden fall sunsets. Look no further than nature to inspire your fall look!

Go for a bold red like this OPI Polish, Adam Said "It's New Year's Eve"

2. Pick a Metallic Hue

Put a twist on your favorite autumn shade by selecting it in a metallic hue.

For some extra seasonal festivity, go with a sparkly color like this CUCCIO polish.

3. Think Jewel Tones

Bold jewel tones (such as turquoise, gold, and emerald) are idea for adding fun pops of color to your fall look.

Think jewel tones like this turquoise color called Amazon Amazoff.

4. Go for a Warm Neutral

This season is all about warmth (think hot cider, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes). A warm neutral will tie in with any fall outfit.

This color will have you feeling like you're Rollin' in Cashmere.


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