Finding pizza, burgers, and other foods to eat in Yellowstone National Park

Eating in Gardiner, Montana, South Dakota's Black Hills & Grand Teton National Park.

Finding pizza, burgers, and other foods to eat in Yellowstone National Park

Last summer, my family and I were blessed with the trip of a lifetime spending two weeks in Montana and visiting Yellowstone National Park. From hiking numerous trails, visiting the famous hot springs, and white water rafting on the Yellowstone River, those two weeks were an adventure we'll never forget.

However, the biggest adventure for me involved food. Pizza, that is! Read on as I look back on my Tri-State pizza run in Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. 

A Slice of Greasy Heaven Just Outside Yellowstone

The featured image for this post comes from Rosie's Bistro in Gardiner, Montana, a small town serving as the main entrance to Yellowstone. Craving pizza after one of our visits to the park, I pointed out Rosie's Bistro to my folks. Big windows overlooking the constant flux of tourists to and from Yellowstone, ice cold water keeping you cool, and beating the early dinner rush made the perfect setting for my first pizza in Montana.

In my photo, you, dear reader, noticed spots of grease. At home, I'd be the person who took a paper towel and flattened it against the pizza to take off excess grease. However, in Montana the grease was just right and added a little extra flavor. I also couldn't overlook the gigantic pepperoni pieces, half of them gone after one bite. The crust was crunchy and slightly hard, lacking the soft texture I usually preferred.

Overall, I'd still recommend Rosie's Bistro pizza. Plus, you can't go wrong with splitting an eight piece pie containing big slices and plenty of taste. 

Size Doesn't Matter, Especially in the Dakotas

                                      Personal pepperoni pizza with fries and bacon at The Carvers' Café
                                                  (Mount Rushmore National Memorial; Black Hills, SD)

Before reaching Montana, we had paid a visit to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota's Black Hills. Hungry for lunch, the family and I ate at The Carvers' Café, the memorial's main restaurant. The restaurant was set up with various stations for burgers, vegetarian options, steaks, pot roasts, and more. The seating area was twice the size of Rosie's Bistro with state flags displayed above your heads, large windows giving you a nice view of Mount Rushmore, and squeezing by crowds of people all hungry for lunch.

Here, the pizza included four large pepperoni pieces, one for each slice. Which was unusual as most personal pizzas I've had in the past contained at least two or three. What it lacked in size, though, it made up in taste. Basically, your typical personal pan pizza you would find at any given restaurant with the exception of no crust. That being said, the small pie wasn't excessively greasy and still delicious. This selection also involved some interesting sides with french fries and a few strips of smoked bacon. Yum!

Although tempting to eat the personal pie in quick bites, I took my time in savoring the pizza and enjoying the sides. Overall, still worth the try!

A Hidden Gem in the Grand Tetons!

                                                         Large pepperoni pizza at Leek's Marina and Pizzeria 
                                                                       (Grand Teton National Park, WY)

The last pizza excursion during this trip involved a hidden gem within Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Receiving a recommendation, we traveled to Leek's Marina and Pizzeria. The outdoor seating was the best part of this meal; watching the boats sailing the marina, feeling a nice, cool breeze on a hot day, and listening to nature. Unfortunately, the view of the Grand Tetons were obscured by smoke from the awful wildfires plaguing California at the time. 

Another whopper of a pizza, the crust had a soft texture, mouth-watering cheese, and pepperoni slices bursting with flavor. Again, just the right amount of grease. Plus, this one was unique with two gigantic slices followed by thinner slices all around. The Grand Teton pizza was, indeed, one to savor from beginning to end and, at times, you didn't want to finish it! You still felt like you ate a lot despite the size of the thinner slices, though. However, when it's good pizza it is worth eating more!

Overall, another delish dish and the best of the three pizzas tried on this vacation. Highly recommend and would suggest exercising some patience with finding a parking spot. 

An honorable mention also goes to a gas station in Gillette, WY, a town outside Big Horn Canyon, for their pizza. Never thought I'd eat pizza at a gas station but it was delish as well!

Happy travels!

Featured Image: Pepperoni pizza at Rosie's Bistro (Gardiner, MT)

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